Genesis of the Grant Medical College and J. J. Hospital

The education of native medical practitioner’s prior to 1826 was haphazard. In most instances, the practice was handed down from father to son. Apprenticeship was the other route. The student entered the household of a reputed practitioner and started off by performing all the menial tasks of the establishment. After attending to his master thus for some years, he was permitted to learn, over a period varying from six to twelve years, all that the teacher had to offer. Books were scarce. The literate vaid possessed some shastras in Sanskrit. The majority of native practitioners were illiterate. There was an almost total absence of any knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, pathology, chemistry, surgery or botany other than that picked up by sheer experience. Palpation of the pulse was an important test but was based on principles not acceptable to the European physician.  

The Gordhandas Sunderdas (G-S) Medical college was founded in 1925 as the result of the efforts of the alumni of the Grant Medical College. The intention was to have a "new medical college in Bombay" independent of the British-dominited Indian Medical Services (I.M.S)

This is displayed at the Gordhandas Sunderdas (G-S) Medical college. With the concurrence of the Dean G.S Medical College the display is now also available on our website .

The historical material is from the collection of Dr. Sunil & Dr.Shubhada Pandya

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It is with heavy hearts that we announce the sad demise of our Founder Chairman, Dr. Noshir H. Wadia on April 10, 2016 at the age of 90 years.
He was a visionary, Teacher and GMC loyalist. It was his earnest desire to have our Trust restore the old Heritage GMC building. However, this could not be fulfilled because of lack of cooperation from the Maharashtra Government. He guided the Trust into other important activities connected with the glorious history and heritage of GMC.
He established the Department of Neurology at GMC, and taught generations of budding Neurologists at the College. Dr. Wadia is survived by his wife, Dr. Piroja Wadia .
May his soul Rest In Peace.

Dr. H.B. Chandalia
Chairman, Friends of GMC & JJH Trust