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Some of us alumni have moved to form a Public Charitable Trust.  The details of the trust are:

  • Registration number E-24577 Mumbai dated 12 November 2007 under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950.
  • The Trust has acquired Income Tax Exemption for donations under section 80G of the I.T. Act (Initial / Renewal).

    - The exemption is valid for the period from 1.4.2009 to 31.3.2012.

    - (Order Number DIT(E)/MC/80G/1740/2009-10.

    - The Trust PAN Number is AAA TF 2305 D.

The Government of Maharashtra has permitted the Trust to restore and refurbish the Grade II B Heritage Building of the Grant Medical College through a Government Resolution.

G.R.No.: JJH2008/43/S.NO. 63/08/ Admin.:2
Mantralaya, Mumbai 400 032

Dated 29th. May 2008

We are now negotiating with the State Government to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in order to set-up a Coordination Committee to oversee the restoration and Internal Remodelling of the structure to provide for students, old, current and future, a College building which incorporates both the heritage and modernity. It will propel our students and faculty into the academia and practice of world-class medicine guided by their distinguished alumni.

A respected heritage architect has surveyed the structure and provided plans for restoration incorporating Auditorium, Conference and lecture rooms, a Museum for the history of the Grant Medical College and Sir JJ group of Hospitals, accommodation for visiting academicians, a modern library with board-band internet access, facilities for medical illustrations etc., in the restored approximately 35,000 sq feet building of the Grant Medical College.


  • To assist the Government of Maharashtra in their duty, task and responsibility of:
    • restoring, repairing, renovating, refurbishing, maintaining and upkeeping of the buildings  of  the Grant Medical College as well as the Sir  JJ Group of Hospitals complex of buildings in Mumbai (which have been listed by the Government of Maharashtra  or may in future be listed as Heritage buildings);
    • imparting and upgrading of  medical education through continuous interactive education of staff and students,
    • ensuring a high quality of patient care through upgrading of equipment and facilities;
    • facilitating research activities;
  • In consultation with the concerned authorities to promote more appropriate use of the said listed Grant Medical College Heritage building considering its character, history and significance in the development of medical education and medicine in India, and ensure that the said listed Heritage Grant Medical College  building  will be used:
    • for a display of the history of the Grant Medical College and the Sir JJ Group of Hospitals in Mumbai, and affiliated hospitals and the history of medicine in India;
    • Other parts of the said building will be used for the College offices and academic activities pertaining to  modern medicine and for scientific purposes only and not used  for other purposes;
    • the front and rear original facades of this building and the garden will be maintained;
    • To have proper security to prevent unauthorized and illegal use of the said Heritage building and the grounds surrounding it;
    • To conduct at suitable place in the said Heritage building training programmes, workshops, seminars, study courses and conferences to promote the objects of the Trust and disseminate the knowledge and information gained;
    • To promote programmes to encourage the active participation of citizens in achieving the objects of the Trust;
  • To foster and encourage the formation of voluntary citizens’ committees to take up similar work in the public interest.
  • To give advice and assistance on similar restorations of Heritage medical buildings and centers for display for the History of Medicine in India.
  • And in general to undertake all other activities as may be deemed necessary, expedient and conducive to the promotion of the purpose and objects of the Trust.